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Sounds Like This Person Isn’t Used To Museums

, , , | Right | December 22, 2021

Museum Visitor: “Eh, what’s that big deer-looking thing?”

Me: “That is an Irish Elk, sir.”

Museum Visitor: “Man, I’d like to bag one of those. They any good for steaks?”

Me: “Unfortunately, you can’t hunt them, as they died out a long time ago.”

Museum Visitor: “Any of them still around?”

Me: “No, sir. They’re extinct. They died thousands of years ago.”

Museum Visitor: “Where’d you get the skeleton, then?”

Me: “It was brought over for the museum to put on display— Sir! Please don’t touch the bones.”

Museum Visitor: “Why? It’s just a dumb animal.”

Me: “Yes, but as I said, it’s thousands of years old. If you were to touch it, you could damage it.”

Museum Visitor: “Well… you’re dumb, too!”

My coworker started snickering at that until I passed the visitor onto her for more information about the skeleton.

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