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Sounds Like This Guy Is Feeling Just Peachy

, , , , | Working | October 15, 2021

It’s about nine or ten at night and I’m waiting in the drive-thru of a fast food chain that has one of those fancier soda machines that offers multiple different flavors. Personally, I enjoy peach-flavored variants of the usual soda brands. The employee that was helping me steps away to get my order. I’m just absentmindedly on my phone when a different employee seems to stumble up to the soda machine and just stare at it. After a few seconds, he speaks first before looking at me.

Employee: “Hey, you.”

Me: “Oh, uh, yes?”

Employee: “You’re the one that ordered peach [soda], right?”

Me: “Yes?”

Employee: “Is it good?”

Me: “I mean I like it a lot, so yeah, I guess.”

Employee: “Aha…”

He gets a small water cup, fills it up, swirls it around a bit like some people do with wine in wine glasses, and then raises it up towards me. 

Employee: “Cheers.”

He then stumbled away the same way he did when he appeared. Cheers to you, too, my guy.

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