Sounds Like They’ve Been Babied

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(I work at a smallish, family-owned restaurant as a hostess. This restaurant has three sections, and one of these sections we call the bar area. There are six tables in this area. We are pretty busy most of the time and this is the day before Mother’s Day, so we are very busy. Every table has been seated and we are on a small wait. We have a reservation coming in for eight people. In the comments section of this reservation it says, “Wants to be in bar, as private as possible.” So, I reserve them a table in the bar, our smallest section. They come in and I bring them to the table. The conversation goes like this.)

Customer: “We wanted to be alone!”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Customer: “When I called, I told the person on the phone that we wanted to be alone in the bar. We wanted the entire room to ourselves!”

Me: “For eight people?”

Customer: “Yes! I was assured that no one else would be here!”

(I’m pretty sure no one would have told this lady that she could have an entire section to herself. We sometimes rent out sections for people having parties, but they are charged for it, and those parties have twenty people or more.)

Me: “Well, I’m sorry about that, but we are very busy.”

Lady: “We have a baby with us and I don’t want her to be near other people.”

Me: “I’m sorry.”

(Then, she walked away. I don’t know why this lady thought that she could just request to not have people sat around her. They stayed, and the waitress said they were nice enough and didn’t cause any problems. Plenty of people bring their babies in the restaurant. If you don’t want your baby to be near people then don’t go to a restaurant.)

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