Sounds Like They’ve Already Been Through Their Fun State

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(I work the night shift at a hotel that provides a small “marketplace” for snacks, beverages, etc. We do sell beer and wine, but state law prohibits the retail sale of alcohol between midnight and 7:00 am. This is one particular conversation I have variations on two to three times a week.)

Guest #1: “Hmm… Oh, beer!” *smiles*

Me: “Unfortunately, due to state law, I am unable to sell you alcohol after midnight.”

Guest #1: “What time is it?”

Me: “1:45 am, sir.”

Guest #1:What time is it, again?”

Guest #2: “What if I just slide you a $20?” *wink wink*

Me: “That would be a very appreciated tip, but unfortunately, I still couldn’t sell you the alcohol. It’s not a [Brand] policy; it’s actually state law.”

Guest #1: *jokingly* “D*** this state! You can’t do anything fun here!”

Guest #2: “What if I was a state official?”

Me: “Then I would adhere even more strictly to the state law, because otherwise it could be considered bribery and cost me not only my job but also land me in jail.”

(It should be noted that since the passing of Amendment 64 in November, pot is pretty much legal for adults 21 and over in my state. “NOTHING FUN,” indeed!)

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