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Sounds Like That Pizza Place Didn’t Deliver

, | Right | December 1, 2021

Our pizza place has a set menu of original recipe options and has a few regulars that place standing orders. In this case, it’s for 1.5 portions of sweet and sour pork for the husband and just chicken breast and salad for the health-conscious wife every Friday evening.

This is a conversation that just happened between the chef and the regular:

Chef: “Hi, just calling to confirm what time would suit you for delivery tonight?”

Customer: “Not today, thanks. We’re going to try artificial cheese and gluten-free pizza from that other place tonight.”

Chef: “Okay, no problem, enjoy!”

Later that evening…

Customer: “My pizza was a disaster! Can we revert to the same as before, please?”

Chef: “No problem. Would you like artificial chicken or normal chicken?”

Customer: “Real chicken, please.”

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