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Sounds Like Someone Needs A Nap Appointment

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I work in a very large hospital at one of the entrances, asking visitors and patients the health crisis screening questions and ensuring they are allowed to come inside. I have this interaction with a kind gentleman.

Visitor: “Hi, I have an appointment to visit [Patient] at 3:00 today.”

Me: “Okay, great! Let me call up to the unit to confirm.”

I call, and a staff member responds.

Me: “Hi there. I’m one of the screeners from [entrance], and I just have [Visitor] here to visit [Patient].

Staff Member: “Oh…” *Sighs* “Okay, well, he is lucky, because there’s only one person up here right now, but please tell him that he needs to make an appointment next time he wants to come.”

Me: “He does have an appointment, actually! He just told me he is booked in for 3:00 today.”

Staff: *Pauses* “Please hold.”

After being put on hold for a few minutes, they return to the phone.

Staff: “Okay, so, it’s all right if he comes up, but please educate the visitor that he needs to make an appointment next time he wants to come.”

Me: “Yes, but he already did make an appointment.”

Staff: *Pauses* “Thank you!”

Me: *To the visitor* “I am sorry about that, sir! I’m not sure what is going on up there.”

Visitor: “No problem. I’ve been here every single day for the last two weeks, and I always make an appointment for the next day when I leave.”

As much as I was annoyed, I also understand the extreme amounts of stress — putting it lightly — that healthcare workers are currently under. It’s not an easy time for anyone right now, and a little patience and understanding will go a long way.

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