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Sounds Like Someone Just Doesn’t Want To Pay

, , | Right | January 29, 2022

I cried over a customer once, and not the “she’s so sad I wish I could help her” kind. She contacted our company online for about the thirtieth time, every time with a different story. She didn’t receive the ink cartridges she ordered, she did but they didn’t fit, she returned them already, she contacted the seller and he had told her she wouldn’t have to pay anymore, etc.

Me: “It’s best to pay and receive your money back if that’s what you agreed to.”

Customer: “I can’t pay because my bank card was stolen.”

You can still pay online and getting a new card will take a few days.

Me: “Maybe we can call you to work this out.”

Customer: “No, my phone was stolen, too.”

Half an hour before this, she had called the company herself.

Me: “I will ask the seller what we can do, but it will take up to two working days.”

Customer: “I can’t wait that long! I have cancer and I might die tomorrow!”

I had to comb through all of her contact attempts, summarize them, and put them through to our head office. I worked on that for an hour and a half. I don’t believe she had cancer, because why then put this much effort into something that’s worth €32,50? And she’s still alive and ordering stuff online now, almost a year later.

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