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Sounds Like Someone Craves Attention

, , , | Working | September 23, 2021

I have a coworker who is pushing sixty but acts like she is still twenty-something. Due to a situation where she tried to get me fired to deflect from the fact she wasn’t doing her job and her general tendency to be verbally and mentally abusive, I actively try to avoid being alone with her, in-person and on the phone. I instead try to get her to email me exclusively, which gives the added benefit of a paper trail. It helps that she never calls or texts about anything important.

However, she has gotten into the habit of passive-aggressively asking pointless questions repeatedly to try to get a response or complain I am not being responsive. It doesn’t matter if she has asked me in front of her boss five times before or if the question has nothing to do with what I am working on; she will ask again for the sole intent of being a brat.

I receive a text message telling me to call her. I ignore it because I am working on a time-sensitive task and we work in completely different departments with very little overlap. She doesn’t need me to do her job. Five minutes later, I get a ping in the client chat. This is something ANY client can see and should be used to alert to any downtime.

Coworker: “Hi, [My Name]. Please call me right now. It is important.”

I called her. She called to complain that her boss was getting some of her text messages and not responding to others. That was all. Mind you, I am practically the second-lowest on the totem pole. There is nothing I can do. I had to bite my tongue so as not to explain why he might possibly be ignoring her needy butt.

Clients were not happy.