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Sounds Like Getting Away From Those People Was A Good Call

, , , , , | Romantic | August 4, 2022

I hear faint yelling coming from my brother’s room. I can’t hear what is said, just muffled voices. I am curious, but it’s not my business so I ignore it. Then, my brother walks into the living room laughing in disbelief.

Brother: “So, I was just yelled at for breaking up with this girl.”

I didn’t know he was dating anyone.

Me: “Okay?”

Brother: “By the girl’s dad’s friend. I was yelled at by the girl’s dad’s friend for breaking up with her.”

I blink and start laughing both in amusement and disbelief.

Me: “You were yelled at… by the girl’s dad’s friend? Not the dad, not the girl, not even the brother. The girl’s dad’s friend?”

Brother: “Yeah, he told me to never talk to her again and stuff like that. Her father had given my number to the friend to call and yell at me.”

Yep, my brother was yelled at by the friend of his now ex-girlfriend’s father. For breaking up with her.

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