Sounds Like A Supervillain Origin Story, Part 2

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I’ve been invited to my boyfriend’s place for dinner. I’ve met his mom before but not his father or brothers. I arrive a bit before dinner and see a scene of carnage. The parents are out, and the younger brother is throwing a tantrum.

I’ve been warned that he has anger management issues and severely destructive tantrums, but I always assumed my boyfriend was exaggerating. He wasn’t. In fact, he was understating.

For the record, my boyfriend and I are nineteen, his older brother is twenty, and his younger brother is ten.

Boyfriend: “Hey, [My Name]! Glad you could make it.”

He nonchalantly dodges a thrown book without even looking.

Boyfriend: “Sorry for the mess. [Younger Brother] isn’t allowed to play on his phone.”

He shields me from a thrown pillow.

Boyfriend: “So he’s throwing a tantrum.”

He stops a rolling trash bin with his foot.

Boyfriend: “Literally.”

The oldest brother catches a thrown book and uses it to deflect another three projectiles. 

Older Brother: “Yeah, just wait until our parents get back. They’ll deal with him.”

He sidesteps a flying pair of scissors.

Older Brother: “Hey, [Younger Brother]! No throwing sharp objects!”

Younger Brother: “F*** you, b****!” 

He throws more stuff at us.

I’m rather stunned, but we sit down on the sofa and begin making small talk, the two older brothers utterly nonchalant about the whole thing. They completely protect me from all projectiles, casually blocking and catching anything thrown in our direction, all without really paying attention.

The parents eventually came home and basically let the younger brother off with a slap on the wrist, to the clear disgust of his older brothers.

We then had a pleasant dinner and a really enjoyable time. But the main takeaway I got from the dinner was how used to the younger brother’s tantrums the older duo was that they could defend me without even paying attention. I guess “seen it all” really applies here.

Sounds Like A Supervillain Origin Story

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