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Soul Collecting Is Black Tie Only

| Friendly | September 2, 2015

(I’m in a pressed black shirt, black pants, and am wearing a red and black tie. I’m sitting down getting breakfast at a place, on a Sunday, when the following occurs.)

Lady: *gives me the stink eye and leans over* “You look like the devil himself.”

Me: *trying to simply ignore her* “It’s a common misconception.”

Lady: *continues to ignore her own meal and continues to give me the stink eye*

Me: *just wanting to eat in peace, but realizing that this apparently isn’t going to happen* “When I collect the souls of the damned I wear a white shirt with a black tie.” *pointedly look around the restaurant*

(The lady followed my gaze and realized that, as it is a Sunday morning and most patrons were dressed for church, the majority of males were wearing white shirts and black ties. Her eyes went wide and she quickly averted her gaze back to her own plate. I don’t normally mind striking up a conversation with other patrons, but I was very glad to be able to have the rest of my meal in peace.)

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