Sorry, Not Sorry

, , , , | Right | July 2, 2018

(I’m a manager at a casual dining restaurant. My bartender approaches me in the kitchen, upset because she came back looking for a woman’s food and it wasn’t there, and the woman is being rather rude to her. I determine that someone has just run it out to them, so I go out to the bar to check on the woman and make sure everything came out all right.)

Me: “Hi. How are you doing tonight, ma’am? I just wanted to make sure everything came out all right. Did you need anything else?”

Customer: “This service has just been terrible! I waited way too long for my food. I ordered way before this guy—” *gestures to guy next to her* “—and he got his food way before me! I shouldn’t have to wait so long!”

Me: “I’m really sorry about the wait, ma’am—”

(As I attempt to continue on past this, she interrupts.)

Customer: “Oh, that’s all you’ve got to say?! You’re ‘sorry about the wait’?”

Me: *in a somewhat frustrated tone* “Did you want me to say I’m not sorry?”

(At this point, she got a strange look on her face as if she couldn’t believe I said anything, and proceeded to feel her quesadillas and complain about them being cold. I told her I’d be happy to get her new ones, and when I came out with them, she was perfectly calm and acted as if everything was fine. I guess I shocked her into remembering how to treat other people.)

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