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Sooo Not Ready For The Internet, Part 4

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An older lady who has purchased her first smartphone comes into the store.

Customer: “I need to know, who is Mimi?”

Me: “Uh… I don’t know, ma’am. Is that a person?”

Customer: “Yes, my grandchildren love her. They keep sending me pictures of her, but I don’t understand.”

Me: “May I see?”

The customer shows me a group chat that she is part of, seemingly a family chat. Most of the messages are memes with accompanying “lols”.

Customer: “See? They’re all different! How can they all be Mimi?”

Me: “Ah, I see. Ma’am, these images are Internet jokes called memes, not Mimis.”

Customer: “Oh, so Mimi isn’t the one in the picture, she’s the one sending them?”

Me: “Uh… no. It’s the name of the joke… format? Like a comic. It’s a picture joke.”

Customer: “Oh… I don’t get this joke, then. Can you explain it for me?”

The example in question is basically a fifth-generation meme that would require a deep explanation of Internet culture going back years. I see that it has been sent by the contact “Thomas – Grandson.”

Me: “I think it would be best if you asked your grandson, ma’am.”

Customer: “I did! He said I should ask you guys instead.”

Gee, thanks, Thomas!

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