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Sooo Not Ready For The Internet, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | June 1, 2022

A customer comes in with a tablet she purchased from us.

Customer: “I have a problem with my Internet.”

Me: “Oh, well, did you—”

Customer: “There are other people using it.”

Me: “Well, did you share your password with any—”

Customer: “No, let me show you.”

She opens up a webpage, a forum she looks like she has been reading.

Customer: “Look!”

Me: “It’s a forum, ma’am.”

Customer: “Yes, but look! Other people are using it!”

Me: “Wait, is your complaint that other people are accessing the same websites as you?”

Customer: “Yes! I paid for my Internet! Other people should go and use their own!”

Me: “Ma’am, the Internet is a shared service. For the most part, everyone on the planet has access to the same websites as you.”

Customer: “Well, how do I get rid of them? I paid! I should get my own Internet!”

After my manager and I try to explain, she snatches up her tablet and marches out the door.

Customer: “Ridiculous! I should have just stuck to books!”

Sooo Not Ready For The Internet

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