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Songs Of Praise

| Learning | September 1, 2016

(We are at an orchestra festival. It’s almost time for dinner. Note that we sit in the back row, so no one really notices our antics except the trombones and bassoons. Horn #1 is pretty tall.)

Horn #1: *checks watch, then stretches his arms over his head and whispers to us* “Praise God, it’s five minutes until dinner.”

Conductor: “Are you stretching, or do you need something?”

Horn #1: “Um… I was praising God. For the… for the wonderful festival and the music…” *throws arms over head again* “Praise God?”

Horn #2: *raises arms* “Praise God!”

Conductor: “Okay, then.” *proceeds with rehearsal*

(This became a running joke. Every time he turned around, we raised our arms and whispered “Praise God.” Eventually, the tubas, trombones, and bassoons joined in!)

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