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Songs For Hymn And Her

| Friendly | March 20, 2016

(My wife and I have brought our good friend, who is an atheist, to our church, since he has never been to a service of our denomination before and was interested to hear how a liberal, progressive church works. Needless to say, he was not familiar with the songs or hymnals, but we tried to explain as we went. We have just started a hymn.)

Me: *whispers* “Can you read music?”

Friend: “Sort of, but this is totally new…”

(He stumbles with the words a bit before deciding to copy us, both women. This results in a really weird-sounding cracking falsetto.)

Wife: *whispers* “[Friend], you know you can go down an octave, right?”

Friend: *starts laughing as quietly as possible*

(I look at him and start laughing as well, while trying not to laugh as we are in the middle of church. This, of course, makes me laugh more until I am completely out of breath with silent giggles.)

Wife: *glares* “I can’t take you anywhere! You two just feed off each other!”

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