Sometimes You Just Have To Be Your Own Parade

, , , , | Right | October 18, 2019

(It’s the day of a well-known pirate-themed parade. Our store is near the parade route, so we often get people in various states of sobriety that stop in to stock up on food and drinks. A very tall man, dressed in full pirate gear, walks through the doors. It’s about 10:00 am.)

Customer: “What’s up, everybody?! It’s [Parade] Day!”

(My coworker bagging groceries chuckles.)

Coworker: “This should be fun.”

(The customer wanders through the store, occasionally stopping to exclaim over food items and yell, “Hello!” at other customers. He gets to my register. He’s buying chips, Gatorade, and a lot of liquor.)

Customer: “What’s up, [Grocery Store] peeps?! It’s a great day for a parade!”

Me: “That’s what I hear!”

(I ring through his stuff and he pays.)

Customer: “Right on, cashier lady!” *high-fives me* “Have an awesome day!” *grabs his stuff, fist bumps my coworker, and walks out*

(My coworker and I stare at each other and start laughing.)

Coworker: “Day drunk or just really excited?”

Me: “I’m going to guess… really excited. Although he was in full costume at 10:00 am, so… who knows?”

(When the local news aired parade highlights that night, there was my customer, riding a float and throwing beads!)

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