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Sometimes You Have To Show Off To Show Them Up

, , , , | Right | June 22, 2020

I am shopping around for a video game when I overhear the following conversation between an employee and a customer.

Customer: “Hey, do you know if this will work on my computer?”

Employee: “Do you know what kind of computer you have or what you have in it?”

Customer: “No, it is just a regular computer with Windows on it.”

Employee: “Well, I can’t really tell you if it will work.”

Customer: “Can I return it if it doesn’t work?”

Employee: “We are not allowed to take back PC games once they are sold. If something is wrong, we can exchange them. Would you like to look at the Nintendo or PlayStation games?”

The customer is now very irate.

Customer: “No, I don’t let my son sit there and play those; he doesn’t sit there and play video games and rot his brain all day! He is a very smart kid and has a 4.0 in school!”

I finally have had enough and chime in.

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am. He is just trying to help you. And computer games are the same as video games. This young man is just trying to help you out. It is not his fault you don’t know what kind of computer you have so he can help you make a decision.”

Customer: “How would you know? You probably play video games all day!”

Me: “Actually, I have my Bachelor’s in computer science; I work on developing software and was able to read at a college level before I was thirteen. And I’ve played video games ever since I could hold a controller. And if you really don’t want your kid playing video games, maybe you should buy him a book to read, instead.”

The customer grabs her son by the arm and leaves the store in a huff.

Employee: “Thank you for that.”