Sometimes You Have To Or They’ll Never (Loose) Change

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I have a coworker who is very customer-service-oriented and a manager’s dream, who fully believes “The Customer is Always Right,” and if the customer is proved wrong, that clearly must be the fault of the employee. So, it is very unusual to see her come into the back room, crying. I am placing new merchandise from the truck with help from my two supervisors when I spot her.

Me: “Hey, [Coworker], what happened? Are you okay?”

Coworker: “I… I can’t believe someone could be that… that rude!

Supervisor #1: “What happened?”

Coworker: “There’s a customer up there, and he wants two cartons of [Brand], and he wants to pay in loose change!”

This would be a purchase of over $50.

Supervisor #2: “That’s too much. Did you tell him he has to roll it or else you can’t take it?”

Coworker: “Yes, and he cursed at me and told me to do my… flipping job!”

Me: “Okay, [Coworker], come here, come with me. I’m gonna teach you how to handle these kinds of situations. Okay? It’s a little subtle, but you’re really bright, and you’ll pick it up really easily. C’mon.”

I lead her back to the front where I see the customer in question. I know him as a worker from the same chain, just a different store. So, I pick up his bag of change.

Me: “Hey, jacka**! Get your s*** and get the f*** out of this store until you learn the f****** rules!”

I leave the bag for him to pick up and lead my horrified coworker back into the back with me.

Coworker: “Won’t you get in trouble for that?”

Supervisor #1: “What’d she do?”

Supervisor #2: “I didn’t see anything.”

Me: “You know how it’s all women on this shift, right? [Manager] lets us be a little more aggressive than usual when dealing with a**holes.”

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