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Sometimes You Have To Hold Their Hands

, , , , , | Working | May 7, 2020

I am working as an IT specialist for a pharmaceutical billing company. One day, our Internet goes down and I am tasked with informing the department managers.

Me: “The Internet is down. We are working with the Internet provider to get it back up.”

Manager #1: “Okay. Oh! While you’re here, can you see why my email isn’t working?”

Me: “Could you provide more details?”

Manager #1: “Just before you came to my department, my email was not able to be delivered.”

Me: “…?!!”

Manager #2: “Hey, [Manager #1], state your problem again, but this time, say it slower.”

Manager #1: “My email isn’t sending to people outside the company… because… I need Internet to send emails.”

Me: “Bingo!”

The two managers and I had quite the laugh about that one!

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