Sometimes You Have To Be A Panini-meanie  

, , | Right | December 13, 2019

(It’s usually quiet but a rush of people just came in and a big queue has formed. A customer just came in and stared at our self-serve fridge where we keep sandwiches and such for a good few minutes before joining the queue empty-handed.)

Customer: “What paninis do you have?”

Me: “They’re in the big fridge there.”

Customer: “Oh. Are any of them vegetarian?”

Me: “Yes, the mozzarella one is, if we have any left.”

(We have a very large number left.)

Customer: “I couldn’t see any.”

Me: “I guarantee you we have them.”

Customer: “Well, can you get me one?”

Me: “They’re in the fridge over there.”

(The customer looked like she was about to protest but I ignored her and served the next customer. I have a low tolerance for people who want to be waited on hand and foot. That’s not how the place is run, but some people don’t seem to get that.)

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