Sometimes Luck Just Falls Into Your Lap

, , , , , | Learning | April 7, 2020

Once, when I was in elementary school, the teacher took us all outside near the playground and told us to find four-leaf clovers. She said the first one to find one would get a treat. Then, she sat down, clearly expecting us to take hours.

I immediately saw a big clover poking out into the sidewalk and grabbed it. I counted the leaves — yup, there were four! — and shyly presented it to her. She looked very surprised and said that I had found one. She then asked where I had found it and I told her.

Many students said that I probably had it in my purse; at the time, pressed four-leaf clovers were popular to buy. But the teacher said no, this was obviously freshly picked and my family was poor and had no use for decorations.

She gave me the treat and I hoped for some luck. Sadly, none came and I figured it was only for Irish people. Oh, well. Maybe it was because I broke a mirror later in middle school.

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