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Sometimes It’s Worth Giving Your Two Cents

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I am disabled, so in high school, most of my classes were virtual. Art class was not. It was a minimum one-hour bus ride, and the stop was over a mile from my house. Mom would drive me in the morning, but I had to walk home.

Walking home was h***. It was worth it — for the teacher and the friends I made — but it was h***. Truthfully, I shouldn’t have been walking so far in my condition, but I was lonely. Going to art class was the only chance I had to have friends and be included.

On this particular day, I was in more pain than usual. I decided to ride the bus one stop further so I could eat at a fast food joint before making the long trek home. A burger was $1 plus a ten-cent tax, which was exactly what I had.

Cashier: “I’m sorry. The city recently upped the tax to twelve cents.”

I wanted to cry.

Me: “Oh. I’ll just take a water, then, and I’ll be out of your hair soon.”

The cashier gave me a water cup.

Cashier: “You have $1.10, right? That’s fine. I’ll cover the two cents for you.”

This actually made me cry. I know it’s just two pennies, but it meant the world to me. I thanked her profusely and handed over the money. The food gave me the energy I needed to walk home. I will never forget her kindness.

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