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Sometimes It Pays To Wait

, , , , | Right | August 13, 2019

(I’m a customer in this story. I’m shopping in a craft and fabric store that tends to sometimes have long lines at the register materialize unpredictably. I’ve been waiting patiently for a while and I’m finally at the front of the line.)

Cashier: “Next!”

(I begin to approach the open register when another customer comes in the front door, goes straight to that cashier, and starts asking a bunch of questions.)

Cashier: *shoots me a concerned/apologetic look*

Me: *just smiles and shrugs understandingly*

(The customer continues asking a bunch of questions about items they may or may not sell and where they might be, as I continue to wait patiently. Finally, the customer seems to have all his questions answered, notices something near the register he wants, grabs it, and walks to that register, ignoring the line of people waiting.)

Cashier: *nervously looks at me to see how I’m going to react*

Me: *shrugs, smiles, and nods towards the customer*

Cashier: *relaxes a bit, rings up the customer, finally sends him on his way, and then it’s finally my turn* “Sorry about that!”

Me: *smiles* “Oh, it’s okay! It’s not a problem. It happens.”

(The cashier rings up my purchases and I realize I didn’t bring enough cash.)

Me: *pulls out my two $20s* “Oh, no. I don’t have enough!”

Cashier: *quickly scans some coupons from behind the counter, bringing the total to just under $40* “Yes, you do!”

(Thank you, fabric store cashier!)

Question of the Week

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