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Sometimes Instant Karma Is A Good Thing

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My husband has been out of work for three months due to a broken shoulder but cannot claim unemployment due to his contract at work. He should be getting half pay during this time, but due to mountains of red tape, we haven’t seen a penny yet, and my income just barely covers our house, gas money for me to go to work, and keeping one of our phones on. Utility and medical bills have gone unpaid, and any extra money at all would help.

Yesterday, I went outside to smoke at work — I’m a fast-food manager — and found a wallet in the drive-thru with over $100 inside. I knew I wasn’t on camera and I knew how badly I needed any money I could get, but I just didn’t have it in me to steal like that. I took it inside, rifled through it until I found an emergency contact number, called to ask that contact person to let the owner know where to come to retrieve the wallet — the owner hadn’t even noticed yet that they’d lost it! — and put it in the safe.

When the gentleman came to retrieve it later, I told him his cards might be out of order due to my pulling them all out looking for a way to get in touch with him, but that all the contents — cash and credit cards included — were still there. His response?

“Oh, that’s okay. I’ll reorganize them.”

Yeah, sir. I found your wallet, took time out of my day to try to let you know where to retrieve it, and returned it to you without so much as one dollar missing, and you can’t so much as say, “Thank you.”?

I was peeved, to say the least, but I figured Karma would work it out in the end.

Tonight, my husband made a few bucks giving people rides, so we treated ourselves to stopping at the bar and splitting a small pitcher. We checked the electronic gambling machines and saw there were some big hits left in two of them, put one dollar in each, and cashed out for $76. He then put $20 into another machine and cashed out for $125.

I gave back someone else’s $100 yesterday and walked away tonight with $179 profit. Yeah, karma is 110% real.

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