Sometimes Chivalry Needs To Back Off

| Working | June 26, 2013

(I have a degenerating back problem that requires me to use either a cane or strong pain killers to get around. Sometimes I leave the cane in the car while shopping, and simply lean on the cart. My wife and I are getting dog food; she loads the bag into the cart when an employee approaches.)

Employee: “Sir, you should be ashamed of yourself. Why would you make your poor wife carry that big bag to the cart? If you weren’t so busy standing around, you could have loaded that for her. People like you make me sick.”

Us: “But sir—”

Employee: “She’s half your size. I can’t believe you would be so lazy.”

Us: “But sir—”

(The employee continues to rant. By luck, my physical therapist rounds the corner and notices me. He walks up and greets me, and then sees the big, heavy bag.)

Therapist: “Hey, you didn’t pick that up did you?”

My Wife: “No.”

Therapist: “Good. With your back, one wrong move with that bag would set us back weeks on your therapy. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!”

(As he walks off, the employee says in a huff…)

Employee: “If you had a medical condition, why didn’t you just say so?!”

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