Something Tells Me You Don’t Want To Touch Her Photos

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(Having not had much sleep the night before, I decide to go to the quiet car on my train home to NYC. Because I know the train will be full, I take the first available seat, which is next to an older woman who only reluctantly moves her bag from the seat. She is fiddling with her smartphone. I get my stuff situated, sit down, recline the seat slightly, and close my eyes for a nap. The train has not even left the station yet. After a minute, the woman starts talking loudly and angrily.)

Woman: “If you touch my phone again I will f*** you up!” 

(I open my eyes and see that she is clearly yelling at me:)

Me: “Um, huh?”

Woman: “You f***** with my photos!”

Me: *incredulous* “Miss, I didn’t touch your phone. I’m just sitting here.” 

Woman: “My photos were working fine and then you sat down and now they aren’t here! That’s personal property; you can’t go messing with that! You mess with that again and I’m going to f*** you up!”

Me: “Lady, I literally sat down and closed my eyes. I didn’t even touch your seat, let alone your phone. There is no way that I could have done anything to affect your photos. I think you need to calm down.” 

Woman: *harrumphs* “Then it must have been her!” 

(She pointed to the person in the seat in front of her and then went back to fiddling with her phone.)

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