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Something Stranger Happened

| Friendly | May 27, 2014

(This happens at my aunt’s house during my sister-in-law’s bridal shower while she is opening presents. Everyone is sitting in the living room, half of which can be seen from the front door. A man suddenly comes in and walks toward the kitchen. Though I don’t recognize him, I assume he’s either my uncle’s friend or someone from my sister-in-law’s family. No one really reacts much to the man walking through the front hall.)

Sister-In-Law: “Aww, this is such a cute card. Thank you!”

Sister-In-Law’s Sister: “Here, open this one next.”

(The man comes back to the front hall and stares at all of the women at the bridal shower confusedly.)

Grandma: “Oh, hello! Would you like to sit down and open presents with us?”

Man: “I don’t recognize anyone here. I think I have the wrong house.”

(He walks out the front door. Everyone is silent for a few seconds.)

Aunt: “Who was that?”

Sister-In-Law’s Aunt: “Wait, you don’t know him? I thought he was your husband or something.”

Aunt: “No. I thought he was from your side of the family.”

Mom: “Does anyone know who he was?”

(No one does. My mom and aunt quickly get up to check that he really left and hadn’t taken anything.)

Me: “Did that actually just happen?”

Sister-In-Law: “Yeah. Well, now I have an interesting story about my bridal shower.”