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Something, Something, Square Peg, Round Hole

, , , | Working | September 9, 2021

I work for customer service for a large homeowners’ association. In the Netherlands, homeowners of flats can join a “Professional HOA.” Homeowners can take care of HOA things themselves or hire our services. My company oversees hundreds of HOA complexes this way. 

I get an email.

Client: “Yesterday, my intercom unit was replaced. The new one is beautiful — thank you. Since it was moved to a different spot, it left a damaged spot of concrete on the wall. The technician said he had a plate to cover the spot. It was possible I might see a few edges, which I could touch up with paint. He put the plate on the spot and left right after. I am afraid I cannot agree with this solution. Please, see the attached picture. I assume you will easily understand why.”

I opened the picture and stared at the screen, flabbergasted. The technician had placed a round plate about the size of a fist over a rectangular piece of concrete the size of a lower arm. 

After I composed myself — I admit, it took a while — I sent the photo to our technical department, requesting a “slightly more suitable solution.” When I checked up on the case a day later — I was curious and worried that my sarcasm might not have been clear enough — I saw this picture had been sent to the manager of the technicians. The homeowner would get a normal wall again, and the technician was written up.