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“Something Something Pickles…”

, , , , | Working | November 13, 2020

As a child, I hated pickles but loved cheeseburgers. My parents would make sure to order my meals without pickles, but four times out of ten it would still come with pickles. It always seemed to happen just as I got comfortable and stopped checking the burger, too.

The worst time, though, was when my grandmother took me to a particular restaurant. She let me order and I told the cashier I wanted a kid’s meal with a cheeseburger and no pickles. The cashier put this in, we paid, and the food came out soon.

We went to sit down and I realized something was wrong as soon as I unwrapped the burger; there was no excess cheese on the side of the burger. Lifting the bun, I found that not only was there no cheese, but the ketchup and mustard were missing, as well. What wasn’t missing was a pile of about ten pickle slices, where two would be standard.

I honestly have no idea what the person making that burger was thinking.

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