Something Needs To Change

| Working | July 10, 2017

Customer: “You didn’t give me right change!!”

Me: “I’m sure I did…”

(The customer argues and a manager is called over.)

Manager: *to me* “You’re supposed to count out their change! See?” *demonstrates* “Have a good day!”

(The customer leaves. The manager leaves. The next customer approaches. I go

through the transaction, and make sure to count out the change.)

Me: “30… 35… 40… 41. Thank you!”

Customer: “You didn’t give me the right change!”

Me: “I JUST counted it out in front of you! It’s right!”

Customer: “It’s not right!”

(The manager came over again and gave the customer her ‘right’ change. My till was short that day, and the manager blamed me, and demoted me!)

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