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Something May Be Too Bright Here, But It’s Not This Lady

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Choonguus | January 30, 2022

I work at an airline and regularly need to take business trips from Houston to Chicago. I usually go on these flights once a week, at least.

I have just boarded my flight and plugged my earbuds in to listen to my favorite podcast. I am minding my own business when a middle-aged woman approaches me, looking unhappy.

Me: “Hello, ma’am. Can I help you?”

Woman: “Yes! Please close your window!”

Me: *Confused* “Why?”

Woman: “Your window is way too bright, and it is disturbing my angel who is napping!”

Almost everyone else has their window open, and her “angel” is playing games on his Nintendo Switch.

Me: “Ma’am, your child is clearly wide awake.”

I plug my earbuds back in. She doesn’t like this one bit.

Woman: “Excuse me!”

She yanks my earbuds out of my ears.

Woman: “Close your window or I’ll call the flight attendants!”

Along comes the flight attendant.

Flight Attendant: “Is there a problem?”

Woman: “Yes! This man is disturbing my sleeping son by having his window open!”

The attendant glances at the kid, who is still playing games.

Flight Attendant: “Ma’am, your kid is awake and playing games. Please go back to your seat or I will have you escorted off when we land.”

The woman was clearly angry but complied. She kept shooting dirty looks at me the entire flight, but luckily, I got off not too long after and was glad I never saw her again.

In this case, the flight attendant’s threat meant that the woman would be escorted off by law enforcement and might be charged with a crime.

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