Something Is About To Get Punched

, , , | Right | April 26, 2018

(I work in a coffee shop with my brother. A mug of coffee is $1.25, but we have recently started selling French press for tables. You can purchase a half pot or a full pot. Two older men — one of whom makes a regular pest of himself — come in, and they don’t care for the brew of the day, so we suggest the French press with a different kind of coffee. They purchase a full pot and I give them each a mug. We have punch cards. If you buy nine drinks, you get one free. [Customer #1] pays and gets his card punched.)

Customer #2: “Shouldn’t he get two punches, since there’s two of us?”

Brother: “Well, it’s one French press.”

(A little while later I go over to their table.)

Me: “Is it good?”

Customer #1: “Yes, it’s very good.”

Customer #2: “Now, I don’t mean to pick on you. But we paid $4.19 for this pot, and we’ve got two mugs. So, shouldn’t he get two punches on his card?”

([Customer #1] silently shakes his head and mouths, “No.”)

Me: “If there were three of you sharing it, would you get three punches?”

([Customer #1] laughed while [Customer #2] spluttered.)

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