Something Fishy About This Complaint

, , , | Right | May 14, 2020

I work at a small fish market inside of a much larger store. A lot of my customers are elderly people who bring their kids or spouses along to help with shopping. I am wrapping up a filet of catfish for an elderly woman on a motorcart.

Me: “Can I get anything else for you?”

The customer’s son butts in.

Customer’s Son: “No. It’s just for her. I don’t eat frozen fish.”

I am thinking he is worried about the quality.

Me: “The catfish is fresh, sir. It hasn’t been frozen yet.”

Customer’s Son: “No, all the fish in this store is previously frozen. How else do they get it to you?”

Me: “Sir, they overnight all of our fresh fish in thermal packages with ice packs. I could show you one, if you’d like.”

Customer’s Son: “No, lady, I’d rather catch my own fish.”

Me: “Oh, I understand.”

Customer’s Son: “In fact, I go fishing with that guy over there, the one that’s turned away from you.”

I turn to look with no idea who he’s talking about.

Customer’s Son: *Getting impatient* “You know, your boss! I fish with your boss!”

I turn away to change my gloves.

Me: “Okay, then. Have a nice day.”

The best part? My boss is a woman.

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