Something Fishy About How They Met

| Romantic | August 22, 2012

(I have been hanging out at a local coffee shop in my hometown. I’m alone, mingling with some of the regulars that frequent the shop.)

Random guy: *whispers* “Wanna see my fish?”

(I look at him and he’s wearing a tan trench coat, pulled shut with both hands.)

Me: “…What?”

Random guy: *eyes shifting back and forth, a little louder* “Wanna see my fish?”

Me: *being the naive 16 year old* “…Sure?”

(He flings open the trench coat dramatically. Underneath, he’s dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, with the tail of a TOMY Fish bath toy. The ones with the googly eyes.)

Random guy: “Fish!”

(I stare, open-mouthed, in shock. The random guy wiggles his hips to make the eyes roll about, then promptly shuts his trench coat and shuffles off. We started dating shortly after, which was 15 years ago. We’ve just celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary!)

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