Someone’s Having A Beef, Part 5

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I am serving two ladies lunch in a European restaurant. One of them specifies that she does not eat meat and asks if I can recommend a vegetarian meal.

Me: “Well, we have just added a dish which has proven quite popular with vegetarians: grilled vegetables tossed with an herbed tomato vegetable sauce with a little parmesan cheese, topped with Feta and served on a bed of spaetzle.”

This is a European noodle of sorts that’s made in our restaurant.

Customer: “I’m not sure about the noodle thing, but the rest sounds good.”

Me: “We also have rice noodles available for people with gluten intolerance.”

She orders the dish, but when I check on them, she is quite unhappy.

Customer: “It’s not very tasty.”

Me: “So sorry; would you like more sauce with it?”

Customer: “No, I just don’t like it very much; it doesn’t have a lot of flavour.”

She points to her companion’s dish.

Customer: “I quite like that, though. I’d like a dish of that.”

Me: “Umm, that is beef stew. I thought you said you did not eat meat?”

Customer: “I don’t eat meat… I eat beef, though.”

So, I brought her a dish of beef stew. Weird that the grilled vegetables on rice noodles didn’t have the same flavour as the beef stewed for several hours and served with potatoes covered in butter… Weird.

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