Someone’s Having A Bad Hair Day

| Working | September 7, 2012

(I’m a 14-year-old girl, and my parents let me go to the barber alone for the first time. I get a barber I haven’t seen before.)

Me: “Don’t cut too short, though. I still want a pony tail.”

Barber: “You like pony tails?”

Me: “Yep, had one since I was a little. My parents both have pony tails as well.”

Barber: “Oh, so you have two mommies? That’s cool. My sister’s a lesbian, too.”

Me: “No, I have a dad and a mom.”

Barber: “That’s disgusting! Men shouldn’t have hair that long.”

Me: “Please keep your opinions to yourself.”

Barber: “Sure, but it’s disgusting anyway.”

Me: “But you’re a barber. What do you do with long haired guys coming here?”

Barber: “Unless they’re getting it cut short, someone else is cutting their hair!”

(A few weeks later, my dad goes to get his hair cut.)

My Dad: “Heard you had some barber who didn’t like men with long hair?”

Different Barber: “Oh, him? He’s long gone… don’t worry. He insulted a long-haired man, and the manager fired him!”

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