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Someone Who Gives A Truck

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My family and I were traveling from Tennessee back home to Virginia. We had a great trip in Tennessee, where we surprised my great uncle by visiting him in Nashville.

Everything was going great until we hit the Virginia line on the return trip. We then stopped dead on the highway because for about twenty miles ahead of us the road was closed because of bad weather and jack-knifed tractor trailers. We were there for eleven hours, just stopped dead. This is where my faith in miracles and humanity was restored.

This man, this Godsend, took it upon himself to talk to the truckers in front of us and get them to move in such a way that most cars could get through. He then started taking cars one by one to the exit, which we ended up being about half a mile from. He got to us and navigated us the half mile to the exit, through trucks. There was snow on the ground and he was not dressed warmly. His pants were wet and he only had a thin coat on, but he walked us and God knows how many more cars to that exit.

I have never felt better about humanity than I do now. He completely restored my faith in humanity and he was totally humble about it, as well.

Random guy on the highway, if you are reading this, you have no idea how much your help meant to us and what it did to our spirits. It took us another seven hours but we got home safely and it was all because of you.

I should mention the entire return trip should have taken nine hours and we had been driving for four hours by the time we got stopped on the highway. The total return trip took about twenty-seven hours when it should have taken nine. Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm and with the people you love. Without you, we would have been stuck there for a very long time and I will forever be grateful to you.

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