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Someone Really Needed To Go

, , , , | Right | January 26, 2019

(I need to use the bathroom while shopping with my ten-month-old, and as I’m definitely not going to leave her unattended I go to the baby changing room. As I’m finishing my own business someone tries to open the door. It’s clearly locked, so after a few seconds they knock.)

Me: *shouting* “Just a minute!”

(I didn’t think I’d be heard but continue washing my hands, taking my time as it’s somewhat common sense that the room is occupied if it’s locked. As I’m loudly babbling to my baby I hear voices and another knock at the door.)

Me: *more aggressively* “In a minute!!”

(Suddenly, the door unlocks and a cleaner puts her head around the door.)

Cleaner: “Oh, sorry!” *to whoever couldn’t wait* “There’s someone in there..”

(I didn’t respond, as I was somewhat stunned that anyone would get the cleaners to open the door rather than wait for less than five minutes..)

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