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Someone Needs To Check In On The Daughter!

, , , , | Right | May 9, 2022

There’s this one customer that the owners know who comes in and tends to just get a cup of hot water for tea. I don’t know much about him as I just started working here. He has a strong cockney accent, but I have no idea if he’s even from London. I have this conversation with him.

Regular Customer: *To no one in particular* “I bloody wish I lived in the fourteenth century. The thirteenth and fourteen centuries were the good old days.”

Me: *Thinking he’s being funny* “How would you know? You weren’t around back then!”

Regular Customer: “But they didn’t have any laws back then! You could kill whoever you wanted!”

Me: “I guess we’ve developed moral codes since then.”

Regular Customer: “Back then, you could kill your kids. We should still be allowed to kill our kids. My daughters are so annoying. One of ’em is in New York, though, so I just have to get rid of the other one!”

I just turned and let him rant while I made the drinks for other tables.

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