Someone Needs Some Brain Surgery

| Working | September 15, 2014

(I had a morning appointment where the doctor scheduled a surgery for a month later. At the time, he requested that I make my post-op appointment on my way out, so that I would be on his schedule and get the time I wanted. Later in the day, I noticed that the receptionist scheduled the appointment for two weeks PRIOR to my surgery, so I called in.)

Receptionist: “[Doctor]’s office. How can I help you?”

Me: “Hi! I was in earlier today and [Doctor] recommended a surgery. We’ve scheduled that for date], and he asked that I also schedule my post-op for two weeks after [date]. But, I just checked my appointment card, and you’ve scheduled me for two weeks BEFORE my surgery.”

Receptionist: “Well, ma’am, I see here that you are scheduled for a post-op appointment on [date]. That is two weeks after your surgery.”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, but it’s two weeks BEFORE. My surgery is [date next month].”

Receptionist: “No, I have you here for surgery today. You had surgery this morning.”

Me: “No, I didn’t. I think I would remember a major surgery requiring general anesthesia…”

Receptionist: “My records say you had surgery today.”

Me: “Well, your records are wrong. Can you please update them and reschedule my post-op appointment to [date in six weeks].”

Receptionist: “No, your records say your surgery was today, so your post-op must be in two weeks.”

Me: “Can I talk to the nurse?”

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