Someone Needs To Invent A Sail-Thru

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(I work the night shift in a fast food drive-thru. The lobby closes earlier, but the drive-thru stays open until two am during the summer. The manager has made it a policy that at night we avoid talking to walk-up customers, for safety reasons; they might be trying to steal something or stalk us. A customer stands next to the drive-thru speaker, walking back and forth between the speakers in our two-lane drive-thru.)

Me: “Hey, [Manager], that guy has been standing there for a while now; should we say something?”

Manager: “We have signs saying we do not do walk-up orders. He will leave eventually.”

(I don’t argue with the manager’s decision to ignore him, and go back to doing dishes until I get a customer in a car. I take the order, but now the walk-up is standing outside the window, and since a car is coming, I don’t have much of a choice but to talk to him. I point to the sign on the window that says we do not take walk-up orders. The customer ignores it. I decide to open the window a crack so he can hear me.)

Me: “I am sorry, but we don’t accept walk-up customers for safety reasons.”

Customer: “Oh. Our boat won’t fit through your drive-thru.”

Me: *looking at the tall boat parked behind him* “I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do. I can’t go against company policy. Have a good night.”

(He leaves, and I take the next customer’s money. I go back to doing dishes, when I hear a notification that there is a car in the drive thru. I look, and then shake my head as I see his 14-foot-tall boat pulling up next to the sign that indicates the height of our 12-foot-tall drive-thru.)

Me: “[Manager], that’s not going to fit.” *I point to the screen that shows the cars*

Manager: “He isn’t even fitting in the lane. I am not going to answer him.”

Me: “I think you should at least tell him that he’s not going to fit, and that if he breaks the overhead roof he is going to have to pay for it.”

Manager: “No, he just needs to go.”

(Eventually he gives up… and pulls forward, trying to drag his big boat into the drive-thru. We both just watch the security monitor, shaking our heads and avoiding the windows as we watch him try and go through. He eventually stops because his boat is about to hit the roof. Then, we get another car. We are both wearing headsets, so I can hear the manager try and take the order.)

Manager: “Welcome to [Restaurant]. How may we help you?”

Customer #2: “Are we going to be able to get through?”

Manager: “I don’t know; I think this guy is stuck. I could try and take your order, but we might wind up having to call someone to get him out.”

Customer #2: “All right.” *places order*

Manager: “That will be [total] at the first window.”

([Customer #2] pulled up and boxed [Customer #1] in even more. I started laughing. We took two more orders after that. My coworker in grill, against protest, went outside and tried to talk to the guy. I didn’t hear what was said, but apparently the customer was pissed off and started yelling at my coworker, who went back inside. Eventually, the customer finally adjusted himself so that he was pulled up as close as he could get to the curb. He was able to squeeze his big boat through the drive-thru, and I was able to help the other customers and watch him go.)

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