Somebody Missed “Personal Space” Day In School

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Supermarkets and other businesses that have stayed open are trying to get customers to respect social distancing by marking adequate spaces for queues on their floors near the checkouts.

I was at the head of the queue for the self-checkouts, having waited carefully behind all lines and giving plenty of room to the person at the first machine. A young man came up and stood right behind me, completely oblivious to the signs, tape, and rope barriers informing customers of where to stand. 

As luck would have it, I felt a tickle in my throat and a surge of overwhelming retail worker passive-aggression right at that moment. I threw my arm over my face and coughed as loudly and theatrically as my 5’2″ self could manage — which was pretty loud, if I say so myself. 

“Oh, ex-CUSE me!” I then proclaimed, juggling my groceries as I reached for my hand sanitiser. 

He finally backed up behind the next line, and I proceeded to the next free machine. I know it’s incredibly petty, but please, folks, take a step back.

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