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Some Thieves Just Phone It In

, , , , | Legal | September 18, 2019

(My family owns a small home decor shop. My dad is helping customers while I’m working the register, with my little brother behind the counter. I have just finished ringing someone up when I notice my phone is missing. I turn to ask my little brother if he has it and my dad overhears us, so without saying anything, he very calmly calls my phone. My brother and I start looking around for it, thinking that it must be somewhere within arms’ reach because I JUST HAD IT. All of a sudden, my dad quickly moves to the front of the store, almost running. He has seen my phone in the purse of the woman who was about to walk out the door.)

Dad: *pointing* “Hey, that’s my daughter’s phone.”

Customer: *surprisingly quickly* “Oh, I thought it was mine! See, they look just alike.” *holds up two completely different phones* 

(Her phone was in a bulky purple case, while mine displayed a missed call from “The Dad” over a picture of Brendon Urie.)

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