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Some Students Auto Be Expelled

| Learning | May 29, 2013

(A particularly troublesome student is daring the school board to expel him.)

Student: “Go ahead. Expel me. See if I care. I’m not going to need anything you teach me in high school anyway. I’m going to be a mechanic!”

Trustee: “Oh, really? And what makes you think you’d be a good mechanic?”

Student: “Well, I’m always messing around in my dad’s garage, and it seems I know it all already. I don’t need an education to be a mechanic.”

Trustee: “Okay, then, if you want to be a mechanic, tell me this…”

(The trustee proceeds to lay out a mechanical problem.)

Trustee: “So, then, since you’re a mechanic, how would you fix that?”

Student: “What the f*** does that have to do with anything?”

Trustee: “Well, let me tell you son, I was a mechanic for over 20 years. And now, I teach mechanics over at [local tech college]. As a mechanic, that’s the kind of problem you’re going to run into every day. Now tell me. How are you going to solve that problem without at least a high school understanding of math and science?”

(The student ponders these words for a moment. Finally, the student speaks.)

Student: “F*** YOU, OLD MAN!”

(Yeah, he was still expelled.)

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