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Some Self-Reflection Is In Order

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I’m helping out my manager with some internal applicants for a job that has been on the board for a while. I have been reviewing CVs, answering questions, and supporting the interviews by taking notes, etc.

I’ve been stopped on the factory floor a few times for updates — which I can’t give because I’m not making the decision — and then, this one guy stops me.

Guy: “Hey, how do I apply for that job you got open?”

All the details are on the advert, but okay.

Me: “Oh, the [job title]? Normally, you would put the vacancy reference into [Company Homepage] and click on ‘vacancies,’ but unfortunately—”

He interrupts.

Guy: “What website? What do I use: Internet Explorer or Firefox?”

This is a vacancy clearly needing a decent IT ability. It’s concerning that he doesn’t know how to get on our own company’s website.

Me: “I, err, well, it doesn’t matter what browser you use, but again, unfortunately, the position isn’t accepting new applicants.”

Guy: “What? No! You’re lying! I know you haven’t hired anyone. [Friend] told me he hasn’t heard back yet!”

Me: “We haven’t made a decision yet, but we know that one of the people we interviewed will be getting the position.”

Guy: “Bulls***! You’re just racist! You have to let me apply.”

Me: “It has nothing to do with me. The system automatically stops anyone from applying after the closure date.”

Guy: “This is bulls***! I’m sick of all you racist c***s!”

Me: “This is company policy, nothing to do with me. The job has been up on the board for months.”

The job needed a people person, someone who was organised and good with IT. He seemed like none of these. His friend ended up getting the job.

I’m sure he has a new excuse why it’s not his fault.

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