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Some Schadenfreude With The Bombardierung Mit Werbung!

, , , , , | Legal | February 5, 2020

(I’ve had the same phone number for about nine years. I have been getting calls for [Stranger] the entire time. The calls never stop, no matter how many numbers I block, so I decide to start answering them in German. My dad speaks German, and I have picked up some very simple phrases from him, but I can in no way speak German, so apologies for my German grammar mistakes. Most of the spammers hang up quickly, but this guy didn’t give up easily.)

Me: “Hallo?” *Hello?*

Caller: “Hi I’m calling for [Stranger].”

Me: “Ich liebe dich.” *I love you*

Caller: “Is [Stranger] there?”

Me: “Schlafen Sie gut!” *Sleep well!*

Caller: “I’m sorry…”

Me: *angrily* “NEIN, ich bin ein Krankenwagen!” *NO, I am an ambulance!*

Caller: “I’m sorry; I don’t speak Spanish.”

Me: *in my best thick German accent* “No… No Spanish… German.”

Caller: “Oh… uh… okay… bye..” 

(The calls haven’t stopped, but I get them about once a week instead of multiple times daily. I actually look forward to getting a spam call now!)

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