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Some Scams Are Worth Strolling Through

, , , , | Right | March 26, 2019

I work in a theme park renting out strollers and wheelchairs to customers. Customers pay a fee, and when they return their stroller or wheelchair they get a deposit back.

A customer comes in wanting their deposit for their wheelchair. The problem with this is I saw them return a wheelchair earlier to a different coworker. They claim they never got that deposit. They have a receipt for renting a wheelchair, but it is really windy and our receipts are literally littering the ground, so anyone could grab one.

I had a $200 variance the day before and I don’t want another one. I call my manager and it escalates to my supervisor, who decides that a five-dollar deposit isn’t worth this much trouble and just gives it to them.

Hope they spend their $10 well!

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