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Some Say That Courier Is Still Out There Somewhere…

, , , , , , | Working | September 20, 2022

As supply chains become more and more broken, we are experiencing more problems with deliveries and orders, as you would expect. What I find surprising is how companies that used to be really great are now less than optimal. One of our major suppliers has been particularly troublesome.

I sent an email to this supplier to place a “special order” for items not normally carried that would have to be shipped in from overseas. We were given a week during which we could expect the delivery, during which the package did not come. An email was sent to find out a new ETA.

Supplier: “The package was shipped, but the courier got lost and didn’t call anyone.”

Still? Is he out in the woods burning the product somewhere to keep warm? Or does somebody know where the courier — and our package — is now?

A flurry of emails followed.

Me: “Okay, so do we have a new ETA?”

Supplier: “He got lost with the truck.”

Me: “Right. So, does that mean the truck is gone forever? Should we just order this again? Or is the original package going to show up at some point?”

The supplier responded with a copy of our invoice for the product that was lost.

It wasn’t until Accounts Receivable was contacted and told that this (very expensive) invoice wouldn’t be paid — and why — that someone decided it was probably important that we still got our product.

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