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Some Rules Are Not Made To Be Broken

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My partner and I are dropping off Christmas gifts for family members in advance as we won’t be getting together this year. The provincial government has been slow and erratic in implementing safety measures, and they have just announced that people living alone can get together with others for one holiday gathering.

We’re chatting with my sister-in-law outside her house — masked, distanced, etc. She lives with her almost-eighteen-year-old son and an older daughter who recently moved back home with her young child. Her eldest daughter lives nearby with her partner and three kids.

Sister-In-Law: “It’s great with the new rules! Minors don’t count, so since I’m a single mom and [Eldest Daughter] is practically a single mom, we can have Christmas dinner together!”

Me: “Oh, no. Should I not have addressed our gift to [Eldest Daughter’s Partner]?”

Sister-In-Law: “No, they’re still together!”

I was too shocked to respond. “Practically” doesn’t count, no matter how much her partner works, and she still has another adult living with her. This is why case counts are still so high: wishy-washy rules and people looking for loopholes in them!

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